What is the Unsettled Newsletter really about?

Navigating 21st-century change

Summer is always hectic in Canada. We hustle and bustle chasing the last days of sun before the leaves turn and the winds change. Yes, the business has grown rapidly, but I’ve also incorporated time to think and reflect (sometimes not by my own choosing).

In the internet era, the ROI on our attention has never been more clear but it’s never been easier to be distracted. Connecting the dots of your life may only be possible looking backward, but understanding the lighthouse that drives your work is important.

And so, the fundamental question this summer became, what is the Unsettled Newsletter really about?

It’s about navigating 21st-century change. 🌎

I write about culture. I write about technology. I write about business. Sometimes I write about the intersections of all 3 (of which there are many, as my friend Chris Weir and I often discuss). I produce podcasts on all of the above and we’ve recently on-boarded impressive hosts in fields like neuro-diversity, deep change, economic development and HR in the COVID-era.

I recently wrote an ‘Open Letter to the Graduating Class of 2020,’ and it had a brief moment in the sun trending on LinkedIn. The assumption of the letter was that this is the strangest time to graduate in history: graduates of every kind are making one of the most important decisions of their lives (what to do next) based on the effects of a global pandemic. There is fear, trepidation and devastation but, paradoxically, massive opportunity. It was everything I wish I knew about life, business and purpose at 18. Here is one of the lines that struck a chord:

Life is hard, the world is messy and the future comes quickly.

It’s true. The rules of the 21st-century are vague and unclear (and sometimes-like in a pandemic-nobody knows what they are).

After thousands of reads, hundreds of subscribers to this newsletter and almost 10,000 downloads on the Unsettled Media Podcast Network, we are going to navigate 21st-century change together, as a community, with some of the world’s greatest minds.

Here’s what you’ll get as part of the Unsettled Community:

The 21st-century is unsettling. Don’t do it alone.

What a ride,