During the pandemic, the fundamental question became, what is the Unsettled Newsletter really about?

It’s about navigating 21st-century change. 🌎

I write about culture. I write about technology. I write about business. Sometimes I write about the intersections of all 3 (of which there are many, as my friend Chris Weir and I often discuss). I produce podcasts on all of the above and we’ve recently on-boarded impressive hosts in fields like neuro-diversitydeep changeeconomic development and HR in the COVID-era.

I recently wrote an ‘Open Letter to the Graduating Class of 2020,’ and it had a brief moment in the sun trending on LinkedIn. The assumption of the letter was that this is the strangest time to graduate in history: graduates of every kind are making one of the most important decisions of their lives (what to do next) based on the effects of a global pandemic. There is fear, trepidation and devastation but also massive opportunity. It was everything I wish I knew about life, business and purpose at 18. Here is one of the lines that struck a chord:

Life is hard, the world is messy and the future comes quickly.

It’s true. The rules of the 21st-century are vague and unclear (and sometimes-like in a pandemic-nobody knows what they are).

After thousands of reads, hundreds of subscribers to this newsletter and over 10,000 downloads on the Unsettled Media Podcast Networkwe are going to navigate 21st-century change together, as a community, with some of the world’s greatest minds.

Here’s what you’ll get as part of the Unsettled Community 👇

  • New episodes of Unsettled with Matt George. We’re navigating the 21st-century with the world’s best minds. You’ll get book recommendations, cool tools, future ready products, advice on who to follow on social and real-world strategies to build an amazing future. 👌

  • All Full-Posts. I’ll be highlighting the most intriguing trends in culture, business & tech, from Google disrupting education, to starting a business in a pandemic, to the covid-generation. Posts will include links to must-watch videos, must-read articles and the tools used by the world’s best in daily life. ☕️


As an added bonus for the subscribers of the Unsettled Community, you’ll receive 21C Tools: a compilation of the best recommendations from our top podcast guests. Subscribe below 👇

The 21st-century is very unsettling. Don’t do it alone.

What a ride,